Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar


  • 15 squares of mind-melting chocolate per bar
  • Proprietary mushroom extracts blend
  • New, stronger formula
  • Available in Churro Milk, Cookies & Cream, Fruity Cereal & Chocolate Milk flavors
  • All-natural ingredients
  • 1 square = a mild buzz
  • 4 squares = serious elevation
  • 7+ squares = table for one on Mars


Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar



Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar. Thrilled yet? We are able to tell. Now pause, take a deep breath, and briefly picture the flavor of a sweet and delicious chocolate mushroom bar. With just one chocolate square, its creamy, chocolatey richness indulges the sweet tooth and tantalizes the senses with a rich, opulent scent.

Just imagining it? Have you visualized it in your mind? Alright, but you’re hot as hell now, too!

These Chocolates with Magic Mushrooms are not only incredibly delicious, but also incredibly powerful! Tryptamine pre-mix, adaptogens, and nootropics are all included in our special blend of mushroom extracts. These soft chews are not your typical magic mushrooms, even though they could seem magical in chocolate form.

Cerebral Effects: Relaxation, Buzz, and Euphoria
Melting-Mind Fun
Selected Flavors:
Cream and Cookies with Churro Milk
Sweet Cereal
Milk Chocolate
Guidelines for Optimal Outcomes:
These chocolates are somewhat comparable to edible THC products, if you have any experience with them. Patience is essential when using our chocolate bars, since they also require an hour or longer to produce their euphoric benefits, similar to THC gummies. Avoid making the common beginner error of returning for another chocolate bar serving. After taking the recommended dosage, watch for the magic of mushrooms to manifest.

One chocolate square is ideal if you’re just starting out with mushrooms or just want a nice little hit. Do you need a bit extra vigor? For those chocolate lovers who are stepping beyond of their comfort zone, these four mushroom chocolate pieces are perfect. And chocolate squares with mushrooms that are seven or more? Serving size, then, is advised for space cowboys with greater tolerance—and double moon citizenship.

Ideal for You If: If you’re looking for a change from the norm, this hallucinogenic chocolate bar is ideal. The effects of each bar are euphorically comparable to our THC gummies, but they also have a unique experience because to its creamy, chocolate deliciousness combined with mind-blowing mushrooms.


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