Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds Vape Pen


  • 2g of highly potent live rosin liquid diamonds
  • Tastes like Pineapple Express strain
  • Rechargeable for maximum enjoyment (Approx. 800 puffs!)
  • Disposable
  • ZERO Additives
  • Prepare for liftoff!
  • Warning: May cause psychotropic effect


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Buy Live Rosin Liquid Diamonds Vape Pen Online. With our Pineapple Express Live Rosin Liquid Diamond vape pen, we really went above and beyond! P as you have never done before. You can obtain pure, unadulterated terpenes with our live rosin extraction method—which doesn’t require the use of solvents—that are so delicious that your taste buds might send you a thank-you note. Get your Pineapple Express Live Rosin Liquid Diamond vape pen right away if you adore the taste of traditional cannabis strains and want an easy way to get really baked!

Benefits: Comfort
Mood Improvement Head Buzz Body Buzz
Quite Psychedelic Suggestions for Optimal Outcomes:
Utilizing our Live Rosin Liquid Diamond Vape Pens is a very simple process. To begin, simply take the pen from its packaging, hold it to your lips, and begin inhaling! You really don’t need to do anything because our vape pens are pre-charged and pre-loaded with cannabinoids. Simply recharge the pen if the vape clouds begin to seem a little thin. The vape pen will automatically shut off when the battery runs out; all you have to do is discard it. Simple!

Ideal for you if: You’re searching for a covert way to consume a strong strain of psychoactive cannabis that’s simple and straightforward to use. Those who enjoy the delicate flavor of fruit combined with extremely potent cannabis will also find this to be a great choice.


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