Live Resin Delta 8 Vape Pen – Green Crack 2g


  • 2 full grams of highly potent Live Resin Delta 8 THC
  • Tastes like the popular Green Crack Strain
  • ZERO Additives
  • Will get you more baked than that brownie I forgot in the oven!


Live Resin Delta 8 Vape Pen – Green Crack 2g



Live Resin Delta 8 Vape Pen – Green Crack 2g. Are you prepared for an incredible Delta 8 experience? Good, because this disposable Green Crack Delta 8 vape pen is about to blow your mind! This tasty disposable is one of the few rechargeable disposables available, lasts an endless amount of time (more than 800 puffs), and contains two full grams of top-shelf Delta 8 THC. Get your Green Crack and start puffing if you’re prepared to treat yourself to a genuinely luxurious THC experience!

Mood Improvement Body Buzz Light Head Buzz
Guidelines for Optimal Outcomes:
Utilizing our Delta 8 Live Resin Vape Pens is a very simple process. Simply take the pen out of its packaging, hold it to your lips, and begin inhaling some incredibly potent Delta 8!

You actually don’t need to do anything because Our vape pens come pre-charged and pre-loaded with cannabinoids. Simply recharge the pen if the vape clouds begin to seem a little thin. The vape pen will automatically shut off when the battery runs out; all you have to do is discard it. Simple!

Ideal for you if: You’re searching for a simple, handy solution to covertly take use of extremely powerful Delta 8. This is a cannabis enthusiast’s paradise, and if you enjoy traditional strains, you will adore this cart!

Caution: Could have psychedelic affects. Not meant for usage by anybody younger than 21.


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