HHC Vape Pen – Watermelon ZKit – Indica 2g


  • 1900mg of premium HHC per pen
  • Contains no other cannabinoids
  • Tastes like the popular Watermelon Zkittles Cannabis Strain
  • Rechargeable for maximum enjoyment (Approx.800 puffs!)
  • Disposable
  • Can get you baked AF
  • Warning: May cause psychotropic effect


HHC Vape Pen – Watermelon ZKit – Indica 2g



HHC Vape Pen Watermelon ZKit Indica 2g. One of the best cannabis strains we’ve ever tried is Watermelon Zkittles. Therefore, choosing this flavor profile for our HHC vape pens was an obvious choice. This pen has many benefits than just its mouthwateringly wonderful, earthy, and sweet taste. In addition to tasting fantastic, this pen has 1900 mg of potent HHC. This vape is sure to please anyone who enjoy both baking and the delicious flavor of Watermelon Zkittlez!

Mood Improvement Head Buzz Body Buzz
Quite Psychedelic Suggestions for Optimal Outcomes:
One of the simplest methods to get baked is with our vape pens! To begin vaping, simply take off the box, bring the vaporizer to your lips, and puff away! Simply refuel your vaporizer and carry on if the clouds begin to seem a little thin. When the battery runs out, this vaporizer will shut off automatically. After that, all you have to do is throw it away!

Recall! Since our HHC is so potent, it’s crucial to start out slowly. It is strongly advised that you begin with just one puff and see how you feel after waiting some time. If you want to feel the results more strongly, you may always keep puffing, but if you puff too much, you cannot unbake yourself. Start with one puff, wait around 45 minutes, and then decide what to do—we don’t want you to feel abnormal or too ripped off.

Ideal for you if: You enjoy sweet cannabis flavors and wish to experience high levels of HHC. We strongly advise using HHC if you feel a little strange after using THC.

Caution: Could have a psychoactive effect. Not meant for usage by anybody younger than 21.


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